Making Resolute Decisions (Part 3 of 5)

Preparation will lead us to failure or success.

Help yourself: Be resolute in your decision making by taking the actions needed to succeed. 

When I think about great accomplishments, I can’t help but think of the preparation required for each. One of my coolest accomplishments was winning a Cross Country State Championship my senior year of high school. 

Our team prepared all season long with a weekly training cadence. 

Monday: Long Run

Tuesday: Interval Training

Wednesday: Hills

Thursday: Sprints

Friday: Extended Stretching + Conditioning Exercises

Saturday: Race Day

Sunday: Day Off

We did this every week for months preparing for the State meet.

It’s easy to think about preparation when it comes to distance running, but how does it apply to making resolute decisions? Often we think preparation is only for "big" things like winning a State Championship, but preparation is critical in the daily grind of sticking to your decisions. 

Every decision is strengthened or weakened by our preparation.

Here’s the point - When we don’t prepare, we have excuses


"I skipped practice this week, so I shouldn’t compete in the race."

The preparation: going to practice

"I stayed up a bit too late last night, so I’m not going to wake up early this morning."

The preparation: going to bed early

"I didn’t prepare my meals ahead of time, then I got busy so I just settled for a pizza."

The preparation: meal planning

We prepare ourselves for the moments of decision through our preceding moments of action. 

This week’s video (Part 3 of the series “Making Resolute Decisions”) continues to explore the idea around how our actions affect our decision.

Making Resolute Decisions (5 Keys):

1. Our Thoughts (See post here)

2. Our Words (See post here)

3. Our Actions

4. Stay Tuned

5. Stay Tuned

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