Step: pursuing your dreams in the midst of everyday life 

We don't know each other, but I'll dare to guess we have at least one thing in common: Who we are today is not who we want to be tomorrow. 

The reality is that we are busy. We have work, bills, families, and the list goes on of things that not only compete but demand our time. It's easy to let our dreams fade into oblivion because we don't see how we could possibly accomplish them.

Step is about reclaiming, pursuing, and achieving those dreams in the midst of everyday life. In fact, the book was written to prove this very concept. I used the principles you'll learn about to write and launch Step while simultaneously doubling the size of a technology company, and remaining actively engaged with my wife and daughter, who was two at the time.

When you read Step you will start to dream again, and if you are already dreaming you will be encouraged and equipped to continue the journey you're on.

Remember the mile may be long, but the step is short!


"Great, great book!"

"I absolutely LOVE this book. Chris writes in a way that makes it feel like we are walking through the book together. It's very engaging and vulnerable. This coupled with great insight has inspired me to pursue some specific things I've been putting off in my life... And he offers great tools and tips on how to move forward. I'm not only motivated, but I'm making changes that are doable and exciting. I'm so thankful I found this book! I'd definitely recommend this to anyone!"

— Hannah E.

"The perfect book to help you turn your big dreams into reality!"

"Step is a great mixture of both inspiration and practicality. Most of us don't lack information, but we do lack tools that help us turn our dreams, desires, and good intentions into reality. Step is an easy read that will both motivate you and help you turn your big dreams and goals into achievable action steps. If you're a dreamer like me then this is a must read. I highly recommend it!

— Matt N.

"Great Read and so helpful!"

Chris has a winner in this new book and offers us great thoughts and tools on how to start living a more fulfilling life. If you feel like you are losing your chance to live your dream in this life due to the relentless pace of life, then read this book and enjoy straightforward guidance from Chris. While the book includes plenty of practical tools such as checklists and examples to get us thinking, Chris brings it to life with just the right amount of personal stories to bring it home to the reader. So, keep on dreaming and get ready to take your next step with this great book!

— Monty C.


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