What type of Leader
are you?


We're all Leaders, but what type of  a "blank" leader are you?


The question is not, “Are you’re a leader?”. It’s, “What type of a leader are you?”.

Chris explains in workbook and video lessons that no matter one’s title or position, we are always leading. Drawing from his own leadership experience and vast research on the topic, Chris sheds light into what he calls a “Thriving” Leader”.

He breaks down the idea that every action a leader takes receives a grade, but for leaders this grade comes in the form of adjectives that sit in front of the word leader when people describe them.  The average of these words determines where a leader falls on what he has coined the "Leadership Spectrum." 

Take the time to evaluate where you sit on the Leadership Spectrum. Then, learn how you can improve your overall “leadership grade”.

This is a fun, challenging, and practical experience for leaders of any position. No matter what background each individual brings, they will leave with practical steps to become a more dynamic, strategic, and effective leader.


We're all Leaders in our own right. We just may not have recognized it yet.


What you can expect?

As a part of this workbook and video lessons you'll:

  • Assess your Leadership Grade

  • Discover the Individual Characteristics Needed to Become a "Thriving Leader"

  • Deep Dive Into 10 Key Qualities of a “Thriving Leader”

  • Create an Action Plan for Becoming a More Effective Leader

  • Collaboratively Problem Solve Leadership Challenges


What You Get


The "Blank" Leader workBook

An interactive workbook designed to help you navigate through the process of becoming a "Thriving Leader."


video lessons

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