Making Resolute Decisions (Part 2 of 5)

In Part 2 of the video series, "Making Resolute Decisions," we discuss taking our decisions from our minds to our words. 

Your words are more powerful than you've ever imagined and can be used to draw a line in the sand. 

So... Take the decision from your mind to your words and share it with others.  

Making Resolute Decisions (5 Keys):

1. Our Thoughts (See post here)

2. Our Words

3. Stay Tuned

4. Stay Tuned

5. Stay Tuned

Why Resolute Decisions?


We won't achieve anything of significance if we don't learn to make resolute decisions.

Sometimes in our moments of clarity, we think or say things like: "That sounds like a good idea or I should do that or I should wake up early tomorrow." While these are great ideas, they aren't resolute. And not making resolute decisions leaves too much room for an "unless."

Unless I don't sleep well.

Unless I don't feel like it.

Unless I get distracted with something else. 

Follow along as we explore 5 keys to making resolute decisions. Make sure to sign up for the "weekly goodness" to be the first to get each video over the coming weeks.

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