Goals Reimagined


It’s time to look at goals differently. To approach them with with a fresh perspective that makes achieving them possible.


Is it possible to achieve our goals? Statistics say that only a small percentage of people who set goals will actually accomplish them. But you don’t have to be a statistic.

I’ve spent the majority of my life tackling big goals. From creating millions of dollars in revenue, to writing a book. I’ve gone headfirst into just about every large goal I’ve ever come up with, and along the way I’ve learned a few things about setting and achieving them. I write about this in my book Step, but wanted to create a tool that would dive even deeper into how we set and achieve goals. This course does just that.

We’ve all tried, and we’ve all failed at some point. So what do we need to be doing differently? For starters, one of the reasons we don’t achieve our goals is because we aren’t setting them correctly. There’s a right and a wrong way to set goals and it doesn’t stop there. Once we’ve set a goal we have to effectively break it down into bite-sized steps that we can accomplish. During this course I will take you through a process that will teach you how to: set goals you can accomplish, break your goals down into achievable milestones, and create a “Personal North” to guide you when you struggle to stay on track.

I’ll also share several tricks and tactics that have worked for countless other people. This is about you achieving your goals. What is it you want to achieve? Maybe it’s an income level, could be paying off debt, buying a house, or just being a better parent. Whatever your goal, this course will help you along the path. There’s no risk greater than not risking at all. Now is the time for you to equip yourself to achieve your goals. Let’s see what’s possible together.


“A goal should never be set if you can’t clearly define where it leads.”


What You Get


#goals Workbook

An interactive workbook designed to help you set and break down your goals.

60+ video lessons

Sign-up for the Intentional Year Video Library and get access to over 60 video lessons including 20 lessons from #Goals. Click here to learn more.  



fresh approach

Have you failed at setting goals in the past? Take a look at goal setting from a fresh perspective.

Break it down

Find tools and a step by step approach to breaking down the goals that once seemed impossible.

goals hierarchy

Learn how to set goals that align with your why. When you set goals that align to you purpose, you don’t give up quite so easily.



There’s more to achieving your goals than going at it alone. Find out how people play into your goals.

the mile

Discover the “Mile” and expose the lies it tries to tell in order to find your motivation to keep going.

the day

Learn how to "win the day", and how doing that is exactly what you need to achieve your goals.



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Life Story

Every day our actions are writing a page in our story, by writing the ending of our story ahead of time, we can build a daily plan that makes that end a reality.

Shaping belief

Our beliefs point in the direction of our future. If you don't like the direction those beliefs are pointing, now is a great opportunity to do something about it. It's time to take your future in your own hands and quit leaving it to chance.