Snooze Made Me Do IT

“Why!!!” That was the scream coming from my beautiful wife. “Why don’t you just turn it off!”

“Turn it off? Why would I ever turn it off? I have plans and goals and if I were to turn it off…”

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Word Millionaire

One kind word brings hope.

One hurtful word brings doubt.

One thoughtless word… is unpredictable.

The words spoken to us, about us and around us have, whether we like it or not, played a role in who we are today.

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1 Proven Way to Increase Your Odds of Success

Write it down.

Have you ever tried to remember a grocery list without writing it down? If you have, then most likely you’ve also felt the pain of returning home without the single most important ingredient needed for dinner (and probably the main reason you went to the store in the first place)...

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Let’s Play Desert Island

“There aren’t enough hours in the day!” Have you ever thought or said this to yourself? We are pulled in so many different directions: family, careers, household chores, travel, social media, and technology in general.

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