Why Magic is a Major Enemy to Your Dreams

I believe perspective is the best antidote to giving up on our dreams. When we get the right perspective on what our future could be, it will keep us from succumbing to the lure of giving up. 

The problem usually isn't GETTING that perspective, however, it's KEEPING it.

I believe there are 4 main reasons we lose perspective as we chase our dreams: comfort, size, magic, and belief. In today's post I want to talk about magic.

Most of us wouldn’t mind a little magic in our lives when it comes to our dreams.

It would be great to miraculously achieve the thing we set out to accomplish without having to deal with the necessary steps to get there.

Maybe you don't call this 'magic', maybe you call it 'luck,' but the idea that we can bypass the normal means of acquiring something we want sounds appealing, right?

If you’re reading this post, there’s a pretty solid chance that you don’t believe magic or luck will get you where you want to go. But here’s the catch: Sometimes we rely on “magic” without even knowing it.

If we say we can do it, and believe we can do it, but never TAKE ACTION and do it, then we’ve fallen into the trap of magical thinking.

If you have trouble with procrastination or spend more time wishing than doing, I want to challenge you to take more action. Stop relying on magic and luck, and DO SOMETHING.

 (This post was adapted from Chapter 5 of my book, STEP: Pursuing Your Dreams in the Midst of Everyday LifeGet your copy today!

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