How to Rebuild Belief in Yourself When You've Lost it

I believe perspective is the best antidote to giving up on our dreams. When we get the right perspective on what our future could be, it will keep us from succumbing to the lure of giving up. 

The problem usually isn't GETTING that perspective, however, it's KEEPING it.

I believe there are 4 main reasons we lose perspective as we chase our dreams: comfort, size, magic, and belief. In today's post I want to talk about belief.

Belief is critical to accomplishing anything. That’s why it’s one of the first things I talk about in STEP. 

When you are struggling with belief, you are most likely struggling with perspective. When our perspective has shifted in the wrong direction, we start to believe we can't accomplish what we set out to do.

If this sounds like you, here's how to get your belief back. You need to rebuild it by focusing on what you believe you can do. Stop looking at the big picture and focus on the steps in front of you. If you don’t believe you can conquer the steps, break them into even smaller steps.

Keep breaking it down until you believe you can do the small thing. Then keep going. This will rebuild your momentum, and soon enough, you’ll start to believe again.

And if you believe in yourself and keep the right perspective, you're on the right path to accomplishing your dreams.

 (This post was adapted from Chapter 5 of my book, STEP: Pursuing Your Dreams in the Midst of Everyday LifeGet your copy today!

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