Teaching Step to the Young Professionals: Month 2

It’s working!

Last night we finished night two of a four month class on Step  (Step is the name of my book that is currently in production) at Gateway Church in Dallas, TX. During the first week, I challenged everyone to dream again and start moving towards their dreams.

At the beginning of night two I posed the question, “What have you done between last month and now to move closer to your dreams?”

Almost immediately a lady from the right side of the room spoke up. “I got a part time job to pay off my debt!” She was proud of it and she should be. As we were able to chat after last night’s sessions I discovered that she had “broken down her mile” (blatant book reference) and discovered that she could pay off her debt in 1 year if she got the part time job Amazing what a small step can do!

Then another person spoke up, “I decided to start pursuing my doctorate again and in the course of taking that step I was offered a new job.”

Then another, “I wanted to help the local boys and girls club updated their building. So,  I called them and now we are in the process of finding funding.”

In just a matter of weeks I had the opportunity to watch people change the course of their lives with small steady steps.

This is what I live for!

P.S. - I have to mention the “couple.” While I was asking everyone to share their progress I kept noticing a woman elbowing a guy out of the corner of my eye. Finally, I called them out. “Guys, one of you did something -- I can tell. Talk to me!”

The guy sheepishly grinned and said “she’s my step.” He had asked her out on a date and she said yes! Marriage is a dream, and the first step is a date!