I Can Fly!

“I can fly!”

These three words were rushing through my head after what I believed was a successful “flight” down the stairs at my grandparent’s home. I was dressed in my all powerful Superman pajamas and beaming with the confidence of a 4 year old who believed he had just flown.

I remember thinking to myself, “Somebody has to see this!”

Soon my curious Grandmother stood at the bottom of the stairs with the family dog by her side. I had an audience.

Before she knew what was happening I took one giant leap from the top of the stairs and dove like a superhero face first. This time my flight was abruptly stopped as my nose met the corner of stair a few feet below. Instead of the triumphant glow from minutes before, there were tears, a little blood and a shattered confidence in my superhuman abilities.

Hopefully, this story makes you laugh and possibly remember a similar experience from childhood. However, the truth is that our confidence is challenged from the day we’re born.

We start out with unquenchable belief that anything is possible, but little by little that confidence is chipped away. Our beliefs, hopes and dreams can be shattered in an instant. If not in an instant, then they can certainly be eroded over time through constant challenge. It may be a word from someone we trust or a tragedy that takes our youthful confidence. It could be a hope deferred or a dream not realized --- whatever it is, we must fight it.

What if you could have that feeling of childhood inhibition all over again? What would you do if you knew anything was possible? 

It is --- but we have to push to believe something our experience has conditioned us to ignore. It's not natural and it won't feel that away until we make the decision to go against the grain.

You are standing at the edge of your destiny, with the the first step being the only thing between you and the journey.  You were meant to dream, meant to believe, and meant to move.

Chris CapehartComment