Word Millionaire

One kind word brings hope.

One hurtful word brings doubt.

One thoughtless word… is unpredictable.

The words spoken to us, about us and around us have, whether we like it or not, played a role in who we are today. And since words have had such a profound impact on the person we have become, then it stands to reason that the words we speak will have a profound impact on the people around us.

Think about it for a moment. On a daily basis we find ourselves entangled in the lives of those around us, be it coworkers, a spouse, children, friends, etc. And in each one of these entanglements that most would simply call everyday conversation, we have the opportunity to bring a little hope or plant a bit of doubt.  

So, what is the general theme of the words you speak?

Better yet, maybe you should take a moment to ask those closest to you what they feel the general theme of your conversation is.

Here are a couple of questions to think about:

  • Do you find it difficult to see and compliment others or is it easy for you to make favorable observations about others?

  • Are you more likely to point out what’s missing or what’s present in other people?

As long as we have words, we have influence… Be intentional with them.

I often hear people talking about how generous they’d be if they had millions of dollars. Maybe you even feel like the famous rapper, Lil Wayne, who said:

If you got money, and you know it, Take it out your pocket and show it, Then throw it like, This a way, That a way, This a way, That a way

Well, you may not have millions of dollars to “throw this way and that”, but you have millions of words. What if you started acting like a word millionaire and challenged yourself to see how generous could you be?

As parents, we can shape our children’s self-esteem. As a spouse, we can bring security and affirmation. As employers or employees, we can be a light in the day and a source of strength for those with whom we work. As long as we can communicate, we have a voice to build those around us… or tear them down.

Some have money
Some have fame
But we all have words
just the same.
Chris Capehart1 Comment