3 Benefits of Purpose

In the technology-driven world we live in today, it’s easy to be pulled in every direction. I should know. I’ve spent the last 10 years of my life building quite a bit of that technology. However, having a clear purpose can serve as a beacon when the waves of hope are crashing against the cliffs of reality. That is ... if we have taken the time to clearly define our purpose.

I believe everyone should know their purpose at all times. This doesn’t mean that a person’s purpose can’t change. It just means that without purpose, well … what exactly are you doing?

Our purpose as teenagers was different than our purpose as adults. However, having a purpose at all times provides us with 3 keys elements in life: Reason, Clarity, and Fulfillment.

Reason. We all need a reason to keep going. Purpose gives us that reason. In life we will have great days, bad days, so-so days, and everything in between. It’s having purpose that will give you a reason to keep going even when the going gets tough. So, what’s your reason? What’s your purpose?

Clarity. The world is full of great ideas, “the next big thing”, and beautiful distractions to steal your attention and time. Many times we find ourselves feeling “burnt out” or lacking enough time to get anything done. Your purpose will provide clarity so you can focus on what matters, instead of getting distracted with everything that doesn’t.

Fulfillment. I often hear of people looking back on their lives and not being satisfied because they spent most of their time in the “rat race” of accomplishing things unrelated to their true purpose. If you choose to live with purpose, carrying reason and clarity in your everyday life, you will turn the corner one day (soon or at the end of your life) and realize you have found what so many long for … fulfillment. Your cup is full. Your heart is satisfied. You have chosen to stay true to what you defined as your reason in life years ago … your purpose.

If you haven’t yet, define your purpose today and reorder your life around it. Living with reason, clarity, and fulfillment is a fantastic side-effect of defining your purpose. Trust me, it’s worth it. Too often we live with regret. Stop it. There’s no reason to live with regret when we find our purpose.

Chris CapehartComment