You Don't Believe


Actions are the catalyst to cementing a new set of beliefs. Show me a person’s actions and I’ll show you his beliefs.

Do I really believe in something if I won’t act? I’ve constantly challenged myself with this this question.

I’ve heard people talk about their dreams, talk about their beliefs and never take a single step towards them. I've even done it myself.

If you are the person that sits around complaining all day about your job, family, financial status or the fact that you were meant to do 'x' (insert big thing), but never gets a break. I challenge your belief. Quit creating negative momentum and do something positive.

Do you believe that you should be a great parent?
Do you believe that you should be an amazing spouse?
Do you believe that you should be the best employee?
Do you believe you should respect those around you?

If you say you believe these things, but don’t take action and follow through on them, how can you say that you actually believe them?

Yes, once we start to correct our thoughts and our words, the only natural response should be to start taking action to back them up. That’s where so many people get stuck. We love to daydream about what "could be," but when it comes to taking action we draw the line.

Taking action means
...putting ourselves out there
...there’s a chance of failure

That’s true, but not taking action guarantees the future you don’t want.

Belief is shaped through action. When we take a step in the direction of our desired beliefs, we instantly shorten the distance between telling ourselves we believe and actually believing.

You’ll never see a tombstone that reads, “Here lies a man/woman that believed in being a great "_________" but never decided to step out.”

I challenge all of us to quit lying. Wow, that’s harsh…I know it. Don’t say you believe in something if you’re not ready to take action. Believing that you can start your own business doesn’t mean you have to go quit your job today, however it may mean you need to start preparing a plan.

The idea of Step is that we can take action in bite size chunks that will allow our belief to grow as we go.

Start believing through action. 

Chris CapehartComment