Failure vs. Momentum

Consistent action in a single direction = Momentum

Inconsistent action in any direction = Failure

Staying disciplined to take consistent action is a daily battle. We can win the battle by making our decision to act in moments of clarity instead of moments of action. In fact, we should never make our decision to act during the moment we should be acting.

For Example, I don't wait until the alarm clock sounds to make my decision to wake up early and write. I make my decision the night before. If I waited to make the decision until the alarm clock sounded everyday, I would find myself failing (inconsistent action).  

Instead, I make the decision to wake up early in a moment of clarity. I make the decision in a moment where I see the end of my actions clearly. A moment when I understand what's truly at stake. I made that decision a long time ago and I reinforce it every night as I set my alarm clock. My decision to wake up is made with complete resoluteness before I ever lay my head down to sleep.

What are you moments of clarity and what decisions should you be making "with resoluteness" during them.

Making a decision to act in a moment of clarity can be the difference between momentum and failure.