Life Story: Question 10

Question #10: Do you wonder whether or not your life will matter?

Everyday this question runs through my mind. Will my life actually matter? We’ve been to more funerals than we’d like, daily hear about more tragic stories than we should, and at the end of most days we still move on.

Will the memory of your life or the impact that it had live on beyond your funeral?

I think about this often as I’m making decisions that affect the course of my life. It’s one of the main reasons I write. Writing is a way that I believe my life will have an impact far beyond my time on this earth. I want your life to be the same.

Just recently, I heard of a funeral where the audience gave a standing ovation. I’ve never heard of something like that before, but there’s no doubt the man who received the standing ovation made an impact beyond his living days.

When we choose to live our life with intention, we choose to live a life that matters. As the clock strikes midnight tonight, I want you to look forward to 2017 with intention.

My hope is that you choose to write a story that matters in this New Year because the story you write will be your Life Story.

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