Life Story: Question 8

Question #8: Does the idea of having a life plan sound great, but feel impossible?

Sometimes when we hear the word “life plan,” we think permanent. And when we think permanent, we get nervous, because to create anything permanent seems too… well, permanent.

Whether we like it or not, at the end of today, what you did today will be permanently etched in history. The good news is you can create a plan and you don’t have to do it on your own. Creating a life plan is as simple as filling in the blanks of the Life Story template. And the even better news is that it’s not permanent. What? Yes, you heard me right. You can go back at any time and edit or rewrite any or all of your story.

I haven’t heard of a single story that’s been written without an edit and your story isn’t any different. The most difficult task is sitting down to start, and I’m fully confident in your ability to do that.

Here’s to the first draft of your story!

PS Here’s the link to download Life Story just in case!