Life Story: Question 4

Merry Christmas!

Question #4: What are your core values?

Your core values are the deep beliefs that drive everything you do. They point you in the direction of what you feel to be right. Earlier this year, Amy and I were having a conversation with some close friends about core values. We all have strong belief systems, and the desire for our families to live a specific way, but to be honest we hadn’t defined our core values.

Each of us could stumble through several things that would make the list, but to clearly and without thinking articulate the values that we believe guide our life was impossible. Maybe you find yourself in a similar position this Christmas day. You have values, but you haven’t taken the time to define and write them down.

For some, the idea of creating core values may even seem a bit challenging and this is one of the reasons I included the concept in Life Story. As you use the Life Story template to define the life you want, you’ll inadvertently create your core values.

What a great Christmas gift to give yourself, a set of defined core values.

Merry Christmas,

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