Room at the Top FOR YOU

Early on in the journey of writing Step, Amy and I were perusing the local Barnes and Noble when we saw this:

 An empty spot at the top. 

A dreamer like myself sees this and instantly thinks, there's room for me!!! I wish I had 5 copies of the book in my bag because I would have put them there and walked away with a big smile.

Ever since I took the picture I couldn't get the idea out of my head that there is always room at the top. For a writer, seeing your book on the shelf is a big deal, and seeing it in the top position of your category is an even bigger deal. But what about someone like me who's not known in the writing community and doesn't have a traditional publisher? Is it even possible? Is it a waste of time to even dream of it?

This story line applies to every type of big goal we have. There is something that feels so far away or out of our grasp at times. It's so easy to believe the lie that there isn't any more room on the shelf for someone like me. There are so many great writers, businesses, more qualified candidates for the promotion, that I never have a shot. But, that's not true.

Every person who is where you want to be started in a place just like you.

There will always be room on the shelf for someone who is willing to go after it.

You might not find yourself on the shelf on day one, but that's not the point. Nobody finds themselves at the pinnacle of their field on day one. There is always a back story. There is always a journey. There is always hope for you.

As we continue to pursue our goals together, I'm taking another Step towards my goal of being on the shelf by leaving signed copies of the book everywhere I go. It's a Step, and that's what matters.

I think this will be fun and I look forward to seeing and interacting with the people that find them. If you find a copy that someone has left in a bookstore, please let me know. And if you feel so inclined leave a copy of your own as symbol of the Steps your taking, share it with the world so someone can find it. Write a message on the inside just like I did to share your Step and dreams with the world.

Together we can help people take steps towards their dreams while taking steps towards ours. Let's follow the journey together.

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