Find Your George

Early on in the process of writing Step, I reached out to a close friend named George Thomas for advice. 

George has immense talent in the field of writing — so I thought it appropriate.

At the time, I was halfway through the first draft of the book and was hoping for help finishing. I thought a ghost writer might be a good option.

However, as typically happens whens we ask for advice, I didn’t get the answer I wanted. Instead, George pushed me in the exact opposite direction.

"Chris, you should finish the first draft of the book on your own."


George went on to explain that based on my goals he thought this was the right path. The process of learning how to develop content and flesh out ideas would be critical to my success as a communicator. Also, it would allow me to more fully develop the concept of Step, which looking back was critical.

George’s advice was spot on, and I’m glad I took it. When I honestly evaluated my desire to have a ghostwriter finish the book, I had to admit a big factor was my own insecurity. I remember thinking, "if only someone else could flesh out this concept it will definitely be great."

At some level (small or large) I struggled to believe in my own ability to write a book someone would actually want to read. I hid the truth with great excuses like time and lack of experience, but at the end of the day — for me — those were excuses.

We all need people in our life just like George to help us see beyond our own insecurities, and we all need to remember to reach out to them from time to time for feedback. Otherwise, we might miss an opportunity to accomplish the greatness that lies inside each of us.

Step is a better book because of George, and I can't wait for him (and you) to read it.

PS...Want a free review copy? Let me know where to send it.

Chris CapehartComment