It Took 2 Years!

Two years ago, I started writing twice a week at a coffee shop. You're not going to believe this, but I didn't write the entire book that first week. Crazy, right? I didn't walk the entire mile that first week, but I did take a step each day I got up early to write.

Yesterday, two years later, I turned over the completed manuscript of my new book, Step, to the copy editor. Looking back over the past two years I can say that, without a doubt, every every early morning was worth it!

Whether you are still contemplating a journey towards a new dream, in the middle of it, or almost towards the finish line; I want to encourage you to keep moving. The feeling that comes at the end of your pursuit is worth it!

PS...I'll be sending out the 1st chapter of Step to my mailing list soon, make sure you're on it