Be Smarter Than The Bunny

“There’s something in our Laundry Room!

This statement coming from my wife jolted me from a deep sleep a few nights ago. Trying to clear the cobwebs out of my head and translate whether or not this was an eminent threat proved to be pretty difficult in that moment!

I arrived at the laundry room ready for a war, but to my surprise I didn’t see anything. It was about this time I realized my nemesis was not going to be human.

“Listen!” Amy said. I heard it, but I couldn’t see it. Was it in the dryer? Surely not! After cautiously opening the dryer I realized it must be in the exhaust vent. I decided to take a look from the outside and sure enough, I peered into the vent and saw two eyes staring back at me. Was it a rat, a squirrel?!? No, it was a bunny! A furry, cute little bunny.

This little guy had found a comfortable spot in our exhaust vent and wasn’t in a hurry to leave. I did everything I could to coax him out, but nothing was working.

This whole situation was pretty funny and I wish I could share the video my wife took, but I didn’t have time to get fully clothed so…

Often times I think we do the same thing without realizing it.

We nestle into what seems to be a safe and cozy place. Maybe it’s in our career or with our relationships. Just like the bunny we think we are safe when we are actually in danger. We might not be at risk of death, but we are at risk of missing out on what could be or was meant to be.

We need to constantly evaluate what “exhaust vents” we’ve gotten ourselves lodged into, and get out of them. A great sign that you are in this position is an unwillingness to risk (large or small). It’s keeping your mouth shut at work when you think you have a good solution. It’s not interviewing for the position you wish you had. It’s never starting to pursue your dreams.

We feel that “playing it safe” would be better than taking a risk. However, the safety we feel is usually just an illusion.

So…be smarter than the bunny and don’t get stuck in an exhaust vent!

P.S. - The bunny was safely removed from the vent.